The Telephone of the Wind

In Olympia, Washington, a new site of reflection and healing has been established through an emotionally evocative installation by artist Corey Dembeck. A mysterious and comforting structure, the 'Telephone of the Wind' brings a unique sense of tranquility to its visitors.

Corey Dembeck, already well-known for his landscape photography that emphasizes solitude and natural beauty of remote areas and extreme conditions and emotional expression, introduced the 'Telephone of the Wind' to Olympia in early 2023. This poignant installation symbolizes an instrument to communicate with loved ones who have passed away - an immersive portal to the other side, encapsulating grief, memory, and love in a single, solemn object.

Originally, the concept of the 'Telephone of the Wind' started in Japan, specifically in the town of Otsuchi. It was a disconnected telephone booth where residents could 'speak' to their departed loved ones, a healing gesture after the tragic tsunami of 2011. The 'telephone' isn't connected to any line - but it provides a private, physical space for individuals to express their feelings, reminisce, and perhaps find a sense of closure.

Now, this concept has been transported thousands of miles across the Pacific to settle in the lush surroundings of Olympia, thanks to Dembeck. The installation seems perfectly in sync with its environment, quietly sitting among the green foliage, creating a serene sanctuary for those in need.

Dembeck's 'Telephone of the Wind' is made of weathered wood, the aesthetics carefully chosen to resonate with the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The booth houses an old rotary dial phone - an artifact from a bygone era, adding a touch of nostalgia and depth to the installation.

Every detail has been meticulously planned and executed by Dembeck, from the choice of location to the placement of the phone and the design of the booth itself. It echoes his artistic approach, a fusion of empathy and intuition that consistently imbues his works with a sense of deep human understanding.

"The 'Telephone of the Wind' is more than an art installation," says Dembeck. "It's a medium to provide comfort, an outlet for unexpressed emotions. It's a place of solace and introspection. In our ever-busy lives, we often suppress or postpone our emotions. This installation provides a safe space to confront these feelings, express them, and move on."

The 'Telephone of the Wind' in Olympia has been receiving increasing attention and emotional testimonials from visitors. People of all ages, from different walks of life, are finding a unique sense of comfort and release within the quiet confines of the telephone booth. Many have described their experiences as therapeutic, a cathartic outlet for their pent-up emotions.

Dembeck's 'Telephone of the Wind' is more than just a captivating work of art. It is a testament to the power of human connection, a unique tribute to those who have passed on, and a compelling place of healing in the heart of Olympia. It's an invitation to pause, reflect, and connect with our deepest emotions, reminding us of our inherent human need for expression and connection.

In the end, Corey Dembeck's 'Telephone of the Wind' stands as a beacon of understanding and compassion, a symbol of our shared human journey of love, loss, and remembrance. Through his thought-provoking work, Dembeck continues to touch hearts and inspire introspection, proving that even in the face of grief, there can be a beautiful and poignant place of solace.

A feature film about the Telephone of the Wind and Corey Dembeck is currently in the early stages of production and is being directed by Rachel Noll James and Produced by David Kaufman